It’s such a pain to not say anything you want to on Facebook! If you do someone, somewhere will get all offended about the post you put up. Especially if it’s family, families get hurt to easy. I like it better when i had almost no family on there, but now since i got half my family on there, I can’t say much when some of my posts are about them. But it’s easy when it’s a friend i can talk about because then i can say it’s a friend and they’ll be anonymous and no one will get hurt! But i seriously want to express some feelings i have towards people on my Facebook and just be straight with them. But they way they are, i don’t want to. I still wish for that friend i can say whatever to and they’ll give there input about it, that friend that’s not involve with my personal life to much just briefly! Also while not being too judgmental, just someone i can vent what’s on my mind to and finding comfort when i see them. If your out there please come find me and help me please!


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I’m finding now that having and checking Facebook can be depressing sometimes! Reading posts about how their boyfriend/girlfriend is the best and how much they love them and what not?! Or people saying they want one and they can not find anyone, it’s like SHUT UP already! Why you posting your problems so everyone to see and probably say something sentimental to comfort them, yeah I get it, you need to talk to someone. But why not call or text your friend who can help rather than everyone else! I can’t say most things because friends and family might think I’m talking about them.

I want to message some on Facebook, but I don’t know how they would respond!? I would like to know more and talk more to this person but I on the other hand probably won’t be that interesting to her. Maybe I’m not on her level of intelligence, maybe I’m afraid I might say something wrong.



The only thing I like.. And yes, I do grow it all by myself.

Hair is looking lovely!

If someone could have a mutual understanding of everyone? Would we be a better society or finally begin a step forward in the right direction, wherever that may lead us!

I wonder why I have some friends that hardly speak to! Especially one were we talked pretty much everyday, the whole day. Now we don’t even talk let alone say hi to each other. I even have one that we don’t talk that much but at least they say hi every once in awhile. But this other friend, I don’t know?!

I try to be interesting to some but most don’t care! People don’t hear me most of the time, they only want to hear if it’s something They wanna hear. Family can be messed up sometimes. Friends usually are there but not when you need them to be or understand what you want to say! Connected is one thing, but I’m in need of more of a connection with someone. Rather than just being there!


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